This site is a pre-open site of MagicLand.         Currently, users can sell “Land” game items that can be used to hold in-game events when MagicLand games are opened.         We will make various announcements and game announcements in the future.         Please also check the official website         Currently, the land that can be handled on the site is except Japan. If you want to buy Japan land, please visit Japanese site         We will continue to improve the functions of the sales site.

About "Land"

    The land has several colors         ・ Orange land         Currently on sale and can be purchased         ・ Blue land         It is possible to exhibit in the land you own         ・ Red land         Land in the state selected at the time of purchase

About how to purchase land

Regarding fees for land sales

      If sold on the site, the sales fee will be 20% of the selling price.

About land prices

       Magicland land prices are treated based on BTC         Therefore, as the internal price, when the price is held in BTC and the rate with the legal currency changes, the amount in the legal currency will change.         The conversion rate between BTC and JPY is calculated based on each market price.

About some areas/regions

        Areas with territorial disputes are excluded from some "countries" on MagicLand.         Magic Land will aim to be a game that can be played without borders in the end, so we plan to offer a part of the land as a separate area.